Diagonal Cover: Contingencies, Equestrian Products, Jewellers...

Since our group began, its position has always been to specialise, develop and commercialise products for niche markets. Diagonal Cover underwriting agency arose out of the interest in searching out solutions for particular collectives.

The products we currently commercialise are:

  • Contingencies: If an event is cancelled, the Insured is guaranteed the payment of fixed costs and/or the unrecoverable costs through organising and putting on the event, in case of suspension, postponement due to the following causes:

    • Cancellation (rain, wind, hail).
    • Non-appearance of the insured artists (due to illness or accident).
    • Other causes: any cause unconnected to the insured that leads to the cancellation, halting or postponement of the insured event.

  • Jewellers: Material Damage All Risk policy for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers covering all type of risk within the establishment as well as external: samples, displays, shipments…
  • Equestrian insurance: We have developed a specific product for all types of horses with different guarantees and restrictions.