Diagonal Edificación, all types of cover for the construction industry


Musaat, mutua de seguros a prima fija

DIAGONAL EDIFCIACIÓN, It is our underwriting agency that works on behalf of Musaat.

The agency has technical and sales personnel with extensive experience in underwriting all types of risk related to construction, both in the national and international market.

The LEY DE ORDENACIÓN DE LA EDIFICACIÓN, (LOE, Building Planning Act) came into force in 1999 as a completely new normative that defined new basic building requisites, which are: administrative and technical requirements when constructing, definition of all parties involved in the construction and it also defined the liabilities and guarantees of the involved parties, which was completely new. According to the LOE, basic requirements of functionality, stability, and habitability should be guaranteed, these guarantees being required from the parties involved. Also obligatory insurance contracts, providing 1, 3 and 10 years of cover, were established. Currently only the ten-yearly insurance is obligatory.