Diagonal Motor, vehicle insurance


Generali Seguros

GRUPO DIAGONAL entered the vehicle insurance sector for Class II vehicles in 1999, as a wholesale broker, offering other brokers the possibility to place risk in the insurance company, Fidelidade.

Through this line of business and thanks to the trust placed in us by the intermediaries, we consolidated our position as market leader in wholesale insurance brokering between 1999 and 2004, managing over 70,000 policies and totalling over 80 million Euros a year in premiums derived from this specific sector of the business.

The agreement signed in January 2005 with Generali Seguros in this business sector was equally as significant in terms of the progress of our company in the last few years, allowing us to maintain our commitment to the intermediaries and to continue growing as a “broker for brokers”.

Throughout the years we have developed as a wholesale broker, devoting 100% of our efforts, material and personal resources to improve our day-to-day professionalism and the level of services provided to the insurance intermediary group within our country.

As wholesale insurance brokering has been our only activity for almost a decade, we could not discard the opportunity provided by the new Mediation Law which, with underwriting agencies forming part of the legislation for the first time, led to the establishment of an ideal framework for the natural development of our company, and we have formed, therefore, our own specialist vehicle insurance underwriting agency within the Insurance Mediation and Underwriting Group.