insurance policy you need, whatever your occupation

Throughout the years, we have entered into exclusive, preferential agreements with different insurance companies, creating, developing and commercialising our own products. Undertaking an activity, whether a company or an individual professional, can lead to customers and/or third parties suffering damages, about which professionals can be liable.

The Professional Indemnity policy guarantees the insured are covered for compensation payments from claims made against them, incurred as a result of any error or omission in carrying out their professional activity, for which they can be liable. In addition, the insured are provided with a legal defence, the cost of which is covered.

In the last few years, a set of circumstances have arisen that has meant that cover through Professional C.L. has become increasingly necessary:

  • Professional Companies Law 2/2007, dated 15th March, Art. 11.3:
    “Professional companies must stipulate the insurance policy that covers the liability they may incur whilst undertaking the activity or activities for their corporate purpose”.
  • It is a requisite that is increasingly necessary to apply for public and also private contracts.
  • There has been an increase in the number of claims and amounts claimed.

DIAGONAL PROFESIONAL was born with the objective of offering insurance brokers and insurance broker companies a highly specialised service in underwriting Professional Civil Liability policies.

Over 10 years experience in this sector is added to the solvency of a first rate international group: ASPEN INSURANCE UK LTD.