The company, formed in Madrid as insurance broker over fifteen years ago by professionals with extensive experience gained from careers in insurance, has consolidated its reputation in the mediation sector as a specialist company in two very different fields within the insurance sector:


Abiding by the rules set by the regulatory bodies, both in Spain and the European Union, GRUPO DIAGONAL, has long term professional relationships with over 300 brokers throughout the country, and also in terms of what we offer for underwriting risk, we are trusted by a good number of local insurance companies, as well as international companies, which allows us to maintain a wide range of offers and services for our customers, which are none other than the insurance brokers within Spain.

The enactment of the Mediation Law of June 2006, covered the majority of our activity as an insurance company, and led to us establishing several UNDERWRITING AGENCIES, of separate legal status, all of which comprise the presence in the Spanish market of: GRUPO DIAGONAL.

Due to the obvious reasons of legal regulation, our mediation activities are not as prominent as when we set out fifteen years ago, and UNDERWRITING is our main activity at the present time.

GRUPO DIAGONAL, through its different underwriting agencies is, without a doubt, a superb option for other Spanish intermediaries, who trust in the complementarities of its activities, as we base them on:

  • QUALITY OF SERVICE. Focussed on professionalism, specialisation, effective management and being independent, applying techniques that are capable of evaluating and rigorously controlling the coverage provided by the insurance companies we represent, providing stability to the technical aspects of the business, benefitting those involved.
  • EXPERIENCE. Detailed knowledge of the needs of the market through intermediaries, presenting tailored insurance offers, which have often come from other international markets where they have previously been applied.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES. A team of professionals with long term experience in the market, and continuity in the GRUPO DIAGONAL “staff”, which allows an equal service to be offered to all intermediaries.
  • RESOURCES. The trust placed in us by the insurance companies we represent, allows us to quite often provide quick solutions to the needs of the intermediaries, presenting dynamic offers and appropriate information technology tools.

Finally, it should be noted that although what we offer on the following pages is a good reference to our capabilities in the sector, we are open to any new business proposal that you may require.