Since 1994, through their different underwriting agencies, GRUPO DIAGONAL has worked with FIRST RATE insurance companies to be able to offer products and a competitive and highly specialised service to their customers so they can meet the demands of the Iberian market.

  • Generali Seguros

    Generali Seguros

    GENERALI Seguros is a company that forms part of the GENERALI Group, one of the leading insurance and financial groups of the world. Assicurazioni Generali was founded in Italy in 1831 and has been operating in the Spanish market since 1834. The group has a presence in 68 countries throughout the world and services over 330 million customers. In Europe, with over 70 million customers, GENERALI is ranked 3rd as an insurance group and ranked 1st for life insurance.


  • Musaat, mutua de seguros a prima fija

    Musaat, mutua de seguros a prima fija

    MUSAAT, Mutua de Seguros a Prima Fija, is a company that specialises in civil liability insurance and insurance for the construction industry. It is currently one of the leading civil liability insurance companies in Spain and provides insurance for work undertaken by all construction professionals. The mutual insurance company was founded in 1983 by the General Councils and Associations of Surveyors, Architectural Technicians and Building Engineers, with the goal of offering the necessary civil liability insurance to this collective, given the difficulties faced by the insurance market in covering those professionals at the time.